Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer

The team: Dr X Forns, Dr S Lens, Dr M Londoño & Dr S Pérez-del-Pulgar

Expertise: The team are leaders in the management and treatment of HCV infected patients undergoing liver transplantation, and in the study of viral and host factors involved in the pathogenesis of disease recurrence. The Liver Transplantation Unit has performed more than 1200 liver transplantations so far and is are acknowledged as one of the leading international groups studying HCV recurrence after transplantation. They have been performing a prospective follow-up of all the patients undergoing liver trans-plantation for HCV-related liver disease (approximately, 40 HCV LT recipients per year) and has participated in numerous clinical trials.

Role in the project: This partner will be the responsible for the Phase I/II clinical trials of anti-SRBI and anti-E2 monoclonal antibodies, including the study design, patient recruitment and treatment, clinical and virological parameters measurements and data analysis. Together with Partner 1, they will monitor pre and post-TX viral populations for antibody sensitivity and escape.

Sagrada Kamilia