Molecules of Man AB

The team: Dr Mats Persson, Dr Daniel Johannson & Dr Oskar Andersson

Expertise: Molecules of Man AB was founded in 2005 and is a spin off company from discoveries at the Karolinska Institutet, to which Dr Persson has an academic affiliation. The team have pioneering expertise in the generation and characterisation of human monoclonal antibodies to HCV. Dr Persson was involved in the initial development of combinatorial antibody libraries at Scripps Research Institute and has since transferred the technology to Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. They have also developed supporting antibody technologies like efficient eukaryotic expression systems.

Role in the project: Partner 2 will be responsible for preclinical development of the lead anti-HCV antibody. Partner 2 will be responsible for establishing high-producer cell lines, and for generating GLP lots for downstream testing, and will work with P6 to mediate effective transfer to the cGMP facility. They will work with P1and P5 to validate biological activity of mAb as it progresses along the development pipeline, and work with them to establish whether or not it synergises with other mAbs or is prone to development of resistance. Finally, P2 will work with P4 to define the specificity and potential toxicology of the lead anti-HCV mAb.