The University of Nottingham

The team: Prof. Jonathan Ball, Dr Alex Tarr, Dr Richard Urbanowicz, Dr Patrick McClure & Mr Graham Bailey

Expertise: The University of Nottingham is a world-renowned centre for higher education. The team are located in the NDDC Biomedical Research Unit (Gastroenterology), which provides a world-class environment for translational research. They are leaders in the HCV neutralising antibody and HCV glycoprotein field and have developed and/or established a number of key supporting technologies, e.g. epitope mapping, functional glycoprotein arrays and in vitro culture/infectivity systems.

Role within the project: They are the coordinating partner and are responsibile for overall project implementation. Scientifically, they are assessing the in vitro efficacy and synergy of lead antibodies using high-throughput HCVcc and HCVpp infection and neutralization screens. They are performing in vitro efficacy QC on GLP and GMP lots of antibody and, with the help of Partner 7, they will monitor pre and post-TX viral populations for antibody sensitivity and escape, as well as performing in vitro efficacy testing of back-up antibodies.