The HepaMAb consortium

Worldwide, 200 million people are infected with the hepatitis C virus (HCV), and around 3 million individuals are newly infected each year (WHO). An estimated 15 million individuals are living with HCV infection within the European Community.

  • It is the principal cause of death from liver disease and the leading indication for liver transplantation. The transplanted liver becomes rapidly re-infected and is frequently destroyed within 5 years after transplantation.

  • More effective treatments are needed for those patients who are most ill, particularly those in receipt of a liver transplant.

The HepaMAb Consortium will progress human monoclonal antibodies into phase I/II clinical trial for the prevention of hepatitis C virus reinfection following liver transplantation. It will directly lead to the development of new therapeutic approaches to improve clinical outcome in this, the largest, cohort of liver transplant recipients.